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Segun Olawale Bello

Segun Olawale Bello


“I made N102,000 in My Third Month” – Segun Olawale Bello, Office Assistant, Lagos

The first few weeks after I upgraded to an Agent account I was not able to register anyone or sell any course. I contacted the guy who registered me for help. He explained to me how to organise a small gathering.

I took his advice and held a small gathering of my friends held in my parlour where I explained how the program works and how to register. I then registered all of them as free members through my phone and told them about the benefits of upgrading to an Agent. I  asked them to contact me if they needed any help. Some asked me to guide them to upgrade so I was able to register some Agents that very day with promises from others.

I held two other small gatherings like this in my Church and in my office and before I knew it, 36 people had registered under me as agents and they were able to bring in a total of 48 people bringing my total commission to N102,000 by the end of the third month. This was more than four times my current salary.

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