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Martha Okeleke

Martha Okeleke


“My friends Laughed at me Because I Joined MoneyMaker, But When I Bought a Jeep…” – Martha Okeleke (Former Primary School Teacher, Enugu)

I used to be a teacher in a private primary school earning just N12,000 monthly salary which was never enough and I always ended up begging or borrowing from friends and colleagues and faced a lot of embarrassment from them. One day someone gave me a hand bill advertising a seminar and I kept the poster in my bag and forgot about it but back at home my sister-in-law saw it in my bag and was very interested because she had seen their advert on TV before so she persuaded me and we both went for the seminar.

At the seminar we were taught about and we met some people who were also into the business and were already making money as agents. I was so much convinced and impressed by what I saw and despite my financial problems, I used from my next salary to register as an Agent.

After registering, I started promoting the program and telling people about the opportunity but when I told my fellow teachers in school, many of them laughed and made fun and jest of me, saying that I was a fool and that it was 419 like MMM ponzi schemes and the rest and that I had just thrown my money away to scammers.

Initially I became very depressed but after logging in to the online forum and chatting with many other people who were also Agents and also seeing their testimonies of payments, I became strong again and started promoting with full force and energy. As the months went by, more people joined and my monthly commissions started increasing bit by bit. Six months later, I quit my teaching job to face the business full time.

I upgraded to the Gold Agent and using what I learnt from the mini importation course available in the Gold Agent Plan and using from the money I had made so far as an Agent, I was also able to buy a laptop at a cheap price and with the laptop I started taking the other online courses in skills acquisition, online business, web design and starting other home businesses and even importation.

Now, 11 months after starting, I have bought a fairly used (tokunbo) Cherokee Jeep from the money I’ve made. When I went back to the school where I used to teach all the people that used to laugh at me started asking me to register them and some of them that used to embarrass me even begged me to borrow them money!

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