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Website Design and Development

Website Design and Development


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Make Money Building Websites for Companies and Individuals

Web design and development is now one of the biggest industries for individuals and those without money to get into.

  • Website design is not difficult to learn especially if you use this online course
  • There is a lot of money to be made from building websites and blogs for other people and companies
  • Make money building websites for companies and individuals
  • You can make between N20,000 to N1 Million naira per job!
  • The average that web designers charge for building a simple free Blogspot website ranges from N20,000 to N50,000 depending on your location and the client.
  • And it takes less than a day or two to build and complete the whole website.
  • If you are building with WordPress then you should be talking from N40,000 and above per website. If its a company or government website you can even charge up to a million naira or more!

So imagine that you get one client which means you can make N20,000 or more in one day just from one web design job.


Contents of this Web Design Course

In this course you will get the following:

  • Detailed step by step videos very well explained
  • How to Build a Free Website With Blogspot
  • How to Register a Domain name
  • How to Host a Website
  • How to Build a Blog/Website With Wordpress
  • How to Configure a new WordPress Site
  • How to Install WordPress Plugins and Themes
  • How to Add the Essential Pages of a New website
  • BONUS: How to Build an online store with WordPress (video)
  • BONUS: Introduction to Making Money With Websites (e-book)



“The videos were very easy to follow, I just got my first job for N25,000”

“The videos were very easy to follow and very self explanatory and detailed. I can now build websites very well simply from what I learnt in this course and I just landed my first web design job though I didn’t charge the client too much just N25,000” – Mrs Eniola Adeleke, Civil Servant, Ekiti


“Better than a real classroom”

“It was just as if I was in a classroom in front of a teacher. This is even better than a real classroom. Kudos to the creators of this course. Though I am still watching and learning but I’m having a very good feeling about this. I am glad I came across this course and bought it.” – Jackson Arebamen, Student, Abuja


“I made N75,000 from two web design jobs”

I can now confidently say that I am a bonafide website designer all thanks to this superbly wonderfulliciously deliciousssss online course (don’t mind my english please, I am so so happy right now). Before I bought this course and watched the videos, I knew absolutely nothing, I mean nothing about websites. In fact I was just a novice to computers and could barely manage to browse not to talk of build a website. But all of that changed after I watched the videos in this course and within two weeks I could already design websites quite well. As a marketer by profession, I immediately went out sourcing for jobs going to companies, schools, churches and so on. Eventually I got two jobs both of which I just completed and got paid for, one a Church and one for a Creche school. I didn’t charge too high but my total profit was N65,000. Not bad at all. This course has paid for itself several times over.” – Stella Harry, Marketer, Calabar


“Worth more than the price the course is being sold”

“I am so impressed and it seems almost unbelievable that Nigerians actually did these videos. This course is world class, top notch quality and the videos are very easy to understand and very detailed. This is far worth more than the price they are charging for it. Far far more.” – Dr Elvis Obi – Imo State


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