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Bead Making and Wire Works Beginners Course (Videos)

Bead Making and Wire Works Beginners Course (Videos)


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About this Video Course

Learn the basics of bead making and wire works from the comfort of your home through this online training course. Discover how to start making beads for personal use or for commercial sales. This course is meant for complete beginners who have never made beads and those just starting out.

This course takes you right from the very fundamentals like materials required and tools used, all the way to the making of simple basic designs. If you are new to bead making or you like to learn how it’s done, this is the course for you.


What You Will Learn

Learn how to do the following and start making money within few weeks:

  • How to make all the items shown in the images below
  • Materials needed and how to get them
  • Beaded Necklaces of various designs
  • Beaded Choker Necklace
  • Basket/Net Necklace
  • Wirework necklaces of various designs
  • Bead and wire Ear Rings
  • Keyholders and Souvenir items
  • Help and Support group on Telegram App
  • This Training is online through videos.
  • Training always ongoing
  • Learn from the comfort of your home.


See the Images of What you will Learn to Make in this Online Video Training:


Testimony: How I Make Lots of Money From Bead Making Which I Learnt Through this Course – Maria Ugweze

Bead making is one of the fastest growing and most lucrative fashion based businesses that can easily be started from home and done in your spare time.

Before I bought this course and watched the videos, I knew absolutely nothing about beadmaking and wireworks but just by watching them and following along, I was able to learn it.

If you distinguish yourself as a bead making and wire works expert, you will get lots of contracts and custom orders from lots of clients.

Three main ways that I use to make money from bead making and wire works:

  1. I make beads to sell. I supply to boutiques, shops and fashion houses and even sell some myself. I wear my designs as a form of advert and when people admire it on me I tell them that I made it myself and I can make for them too.
  2. I teach people how to make beads. Because of the high demand from people who want to learn bead making, I can afford to charge high just to teach people how it is done. If you can distinguish yourself and become an expert, people who want to learn will flock to you.
  3. I get custom orders and requests from clients who have events and occasions. I have made lots of money from making beaded souvenirs (like the keyholders taught in this course) and special necklaces and accessories for weddings and other occasions.


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