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Q n A: In Online Business Who Pays me the Money and How do I Receive it?

Q n A: In Online Business Who Pays me the Money and How do I Receive it?

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There are different types of lucrative online businesses in Nigeria that you can do and for each one there are different ways of receiving your money. Some online businesses are run by big foreign companies and they are the ones that pay you while in some of the other businesses the customers pay directly to your bank account.

Today we shall look at some of the various means of receiving your online business payments and commissions in Nigeria. Unfortunately not all companies pay using all the methods mentioned below so before you join any program always make sure to confirm that you will be able to receive payments from them. To be fully sure of this, you can contact their customer service and ask them.

Most of the foreign companies send payments either through bank transfer, cheque or through Payoneer Card (a type of Mastercard debit card) or Paypal or other payment services. As of writing this, Nigerian Paypal accounts still cannot receive payments from others but you needn’t worry because nowadays many companies that used to offer only paypal payment now also pay to payoneer card so all you need to do is make sure you get a payoneer card.

The card is free to obtain and will be sent to you here in Nigeria. Your payments are loaded into the card which you can then use to make payments online or withdraw as naira from an ATM machine (you can only withdraw the actual dollars or foreign currency to your domiciliary account if you have a minimum of $1,000). You can register and order for it for free at the following link:

One of the fastest and best ways you may also get paid by foreign companies is through wire transfer directly to your bank account and you can cash it out in dollars or naira depending on the type of account.

Another means of payment is to periodically send your payments to you in the form of a foreign cheque. This cheque will be sent to your address in Nigeria by post and when you receive it, you can take it to the bank and cash the money using a domiciliary account. Payments received via this method may take few months to finally hit your bank account because the cheque may take up to 3 months to get to Nigeria.


Tip: A domiciliary account is a type of bank account offered by many banks in Nigeria. Note that you do not need to wait until you have a domiciliary bank account before you start learning online business. Most times you won’t need it until after a few months if at all.

One more method that you can use to get paid (for those businesses where you are dealing with customers directly) is through an online payment processor or what is commonly known as a merchant service. Not all such services work well in Nigeria but there is an indigenous Nigerian merchant that allows you to collect money from customers online through Interswitch Verve ATM cards and other local credit/debit cards like Visa and Mastercard and then deposit this money into an online account which you can easily withdraw to your real Nigerian bank account within days.

This company is called Voguepay and you can read how to open a free account with them here

There are also other similar payment merchants that do almost the same thing too (allow you to receive online payments through cards etc). Some of the more popular ones in Nigeria are Flutterwave and Paystack. You can check them out too.

who pays the money

When dealing with customers directly, they can also pay straight into your savings or current bank account with any Nigerian bank. This can be a normal savings account, current account or company/corporate account. Payments received via this method get to you instantly because the people paying you will deposit the money directly into your account and you can withdraw immediately.

An example of such business is information marketing and it involves you advertising or marketing something (e.g a product like an ebook or a service or even a physical product like a cream or health supplement) to your website visitors and asking them to pay into your account to receive the service or product. You receive money anytime someone buys your stuff or pays you for some service. The most lucrative example of this sort of business is information marketing where you sell digital goods like e-books, reports, videos etc.


How to Learn Online Business in Nigeria

The best way to learn information marketing and all the other online businesses is to get a mentor who knows what they are doing so that they will guide you as you learn. This will make things easier and faster for you. If you will like us to mentor you then you should register for the Master of Online Business Course.

You can get it from the following link (

When on the page, Click on Buy Now then click on Next Step then fill your details (or log in if you already have a MoneyMaker account). Next select mode of payment (you can pay through bank or card online). For the exact process of buying things on our website visit Please try to read everything on the page so as not to miss any vital information.

Another way to get the M.O.B course is to join as a Silver Agent or a Gold Agent because as a bonus you will also get access to the MOB course and the Mini importation course and you also become an affiliate and can start earning commissions plus many other benefits so if you have enough money it is better to join as (or upgrade to) the Silver or Gold Agent but if you don’t have enough money then you can buy only the MOB now and later upgrade to Agent.

See the different membership plans:

See how works:

If you don’t have a dime and you want to make money online then you can start learning for free today using free resources available on the internet, just do a Google search for each of the foundational areas mentioned earlier in this article and you will find a lot of free articles, tutorials and resources on them.

Free Online Business Course: If you have not yet taken our 7 day free email course on making money online, that would be a very good place to start learning how to make money online. Click here to register for the free course


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