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Q n A: How Much is Needed to Start Online Business and How Much Will I Make

Q n A: How Much is Needed to Start Online Business and How Much Will I Make

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At the very minimum, the only cost you will incur while starting out with Internet business is the cost of your internet access. This is the only mandatory requirement that costs money. If you already have an internet connection then you will be able to start some online businesses almost immediately without spending anything else.

Our M.O.B Course focuses on three main online businesses. These are the three main types of online businesses that are paying us here in Nigeria. Here are the startup costs and estimated times-to-profit for each of them:


1. Affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing means referring people to other websites where we have registered as affiliates. The main one is, the world’s largest online store. You get commissions when people buy products through your link. Minimum startup cost: N10,000 naira. You start making N40,000 (or more) monthly profits 6 – 12 months after learning. What you make increases monthly.


2. Pay per Click (Google AdSense):

(You make money when people click on advertisement links or banners placed on your website when you register with Google) Minimum startup: 0 naira (zero capital). You start making up to N40,000 (or more) monthly profits 9 to 12 months after learning. What you make increases monthly.


3. Information marketing:

(Selling of e-books and digital products created by you or created by other people) Startup capital: Between N25, 000 and N47,000. You start making N40,000 to N80,000 monthly profits or more within 2 to 6 months after learning. It is also possible to start information marketing business without spending anything but it will take much much longer before you start getting regular profits. The more money you put in, the more money you will make.




How to Learn Online Business in Nigeria

The best way to learn the online businesses mentioned above is to get a mentor who knows what they are doing so that they will guide you as you learn. This will make things easier and faster for you. If you will like us to mentor you then you should register for the Master of Online Business Course.


You can get it from the following link (

When on the page, Click on Buy Now then click on Next Step then fill your details (or log in if you already have a MoneyMaker account). Next select mode of payment (you can pay through bank or card online). For the exact process of buying things on our website visit Please try to read everything on the page so as not to miss any vital information.

Another way to get the M.O.B course is to join as a Silver Agent or a Gold Agent because as a bonus you will also get access to the MOB course and the Mini importation course and you also become an affiliate and can start earning commissions plus many other benefits so if you have enough money it is better to join as (or upgrade to) the Silver or Gold Agent but if you don’t have enough money then you can buy only the MOB now and later upgrade to Agent.

See the different membership plans:

See how works:

If you don’t have a dime and you want to make money online then you can start learning for free today using free resources available on the internet, just do a Google search for each of the foundational areas mentioned earlier in this article and you will find a lot of free articles, tutorials and resources on them.

Free Online Business Course: If you have not yet taken our 7 day free email course on making money online, that would be a very good place to start learning how to make money online. Click here to register for the free course.


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