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What to Do if Your Pending MoneyMaker Commissions Are Not Paid to Your VoguePay Account After 3 Days

If you have pending commissions of more than N100 in your MoneyMaker dashboard and it has not been paid to your VoguePay account after three days, it could be due to various reasons.

Make Sure that You Have done all three of the actions listed below:

1. Is your VoguePay account connected? Make sure your VoguePay account is connected to your MoneyMaker account via your MoneyMaker dashboard. See how to connect your account here. To know if your VoguePay account has been successfully connected, log out of your MoneyMaker account and log in again. If your VoguePay email is still showing in the connect box after logging back in to your MoneyMaker dashboard, it means that it is connected. If the box is still blank it means it hasn’t connected. Note that the button will always show CONNECT whether it has connected or not so don’t let that confuse you.

2. Is your VoguePay account a Naira account? Make sure that your VoguePay account is a Naira account (you are asked to select this while opening the VoguePay account.) MoneyMaker commissions can only be received with Naira VoguePay accounts.

3. Is your VoguePay account verified? This is the most common reason for non-receipt of payments. After creating your VoguePay account, you need to verify the account BY CALLING or EMAILING VoguePay support.

Note that this is different from the email verification with code done while opening the account. This is a separate step you must take after successfully opening a new VoguePay account. This extra verification step also applies to old VoguePay Accounts too.

To verify your new or old VoguePay account, contact VoguePay through this link =>  and tell them that you are calling to verify the phone number for a new (or old) VoguePay account. You can call them between 9am to 6pm Mondays to Saturdays (except on public holidays) on any of the numbers listed on their contact page. For their Nigerian number, scroll down a bit and you will see it under their Nigerian Address. If you try one number and there’s no answer then try the other numbers.

If you are unable to get a response via phone then send an email to the support email address listed on the page and tell them that you are mailing them to activate your phone number manually because you called and there was no answer to your calls. Usually they will email you back within 24 to 48 hours telling you what to do.

What Next?

After doing the three things above, wait an additional 48 hours and if you still did not get your payment in your VoguePay wallet after 48 hours of doing them then please notify MoneyMaker Support through any of the means listed here =>


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