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FREE Member

No Commissions
Free Ebooks (No Resale Rights)
Access to MoneyMaker Forum
Lifetime Membership
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Bronze Agent

Can Earn Referral Commissions
All Benefits of Free Members Plus:
Free Money Making Resources
Lifetime Membership
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Silver Agent

All Benefits of Bronze Agents Plus:
Master of Online Business Course
Mini Importation Course
Website Design Course
Resale Rights e-Books
No Loans or Vacations
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Gold Agent

All Benefits of Silver Agents Plus:
Skills Acquisition Courses
Access to all the courses in the Mega bundle (See the list)
Access to all Products in the Online Shop
Loans and Vacations for Top Performers
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You Could be Making Up to N200,000 Naira Monthly within 9 – 12 Months!

In MoneyMaker there are two types of Membership plans: The Free Trial Membership and the Agent Membership. The main difference between the two is that the free trial member cannot make money when they refer people or sell our online courses and has less free courses and no resale rights but it’s free to join. While the Agent member can earn huge commissions and has access to lots of free ebooks and video courses with many of them having resale rights. Resale rights means that you can sell them and keep all the money for yourself.

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Testimonies from Agents

"My friends Laughed at me Because I Joined MoneyMaker, But When I Bought a Jeep..." - Martha Okeleke (Former Primary School Teacher, Enugu)

I used to be a teacher in a private primary school earning just N12,000 monthly salary which was never enough and I always ended up begging or borrowing from friends and colleagues and faced a lot of embarrassment from them. One day someone gave me a hand bill advertising a seminar and I kept the poster in my bag and forgot about it but back at home my sister-in-law saw it in my bag and was very interested because she had seen their advert on TV before so she (more…)

Martha Okeleke

"I made N102,000 in My Third Month" - Segun Olawale Bello, Office Assistant, Lagos

The first few weeks after I upgraded to an Agent account I was not able to register anyone or sell any course. I contacted the guy who registered me for help. He explained to me how to organise a small gathering.

I took his advice and held a small gathering of my friends held in my parlour where I explained how the program works and how to register. I then registered all of them as free members through my phone and told them about the benefits of upgrading to an Agent. I  asked them to contact me if they needed any help. Some asked me to (more…)

Segun Olawale Bello

"I Washed Plates to Raise Money to Join and Started With My Friend's Phone, Now I make an Average of N81,000 Monthly" - Chioma Obi, SS2 Student, Owerri

I am the first Child and my parents are very poor. I first stumbled across website when I was browsing with my friend's phone and I was very interested but I did not have the money to join so during our long holiday, I went to restaurants and hotels washing plates, fetching water and pounding yam and fufu to raise the money.

In my first term in SS2 I was able to register as an agent and started with my friend's android phone because I did not have a phone. Despite the fact that (more…)

Chioma Obi