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How to Withdraw Your Commissions

Introduction Agents’ commissions are paid through the secure payment service known as VoguePay. To receive your commissions, you must have a Personal or Business VoguePay account (they are free to open, see how to open one here). You must also connect your VoguePay account email to your MoneyMaker Agent Dashboard (see how to do so here).

Commissions are sent by MoneyMaker to your VoguePay account 24 to 48 hours after you have accrued a minimum of N100 (one hundred naira). From your VoguePay account, you can easily withdraw the money to your bank account at any time. For Nigerian bank accounts, the funds will arrive in your bank not more than three working days after making a withdrawal request. For non-Nigerian bank accounts this may take a few days more.


VoguePay’s Fees

VoguePay charges some small fees whenever you receive payments or make withdrawals. Below are the charges for Naira accounts.

For receiving payments from MoneyMaker, VoguePay will charge you 1% of whatever you receive. For example if you are paid N12,000, VoguePay will deduct 1% of that amount which is N120 so what you will eventually get in your wallet is 12,000 – 180 = N11,880.

When withdrawing your funds from VoguePay to the bank, they will also charge you Ninety nine naira plus 0.99% (approximately 1%) of the amount that you are withdrawing. For example if you want to withdraw N5,000, 1% of N5,000 is N50. Adding this to N99 gives N149. So a fee of N149 will be deducted.

You can find the current VoguePay fees and charges here


How to Withdraw

The following explanation details how to make a withdrawal request from your VoguePay account. It is assumed that you already have a VoguePay account and you have verified your phone number with them. If you do not already have one, see how to open one for free here.


First Time? Add a Bank Account for Your Withdrawal to be Sent to

Before you can withdraw funds from your VoguePay account, you need to first add a bank account to withdraw to. You can add more than one bank account and once added you do not need to repeat these steps again.

To add a bank account, first log in to your VoguePay account.

From the VoguePay Menu, click on My Account and under that click on Add Bank. Take note that you can use any Nigerian bank account even if it is not your own. Just enter the details of any particular account that you want the funds to be sent to.

Next, fill out the form for Account Name, Country and Account number. Make sure that the information you enter is correct. The account you enter here is the account that your funds will be sent to when you make the withdrawal request. When you select the country, a further list of banks may appear, go ahead and select your bank if it is in the list.

Check through again that the account details you have entered are correct and then click on Add Bank Account.

If it’s a Nigerian bank account, the system will do an automatic check and display the details of the account as obtained from the bank. This may take a few seconds with a blank space showing. Eventually the details of the account as given by the bank will be displayed. Check to see that it is correct and if yes, Click on Confirm.

Next you will see a green confirmation telling you that your bank details have been added successfully. And then the form for adding an account will be displayed again. If you want to add another account you may go ahead. But if you do not want to add another account then click on MANAGE BANK DETAILS near the top left of the screen.

This will take you back to the Wallet Services page from where you can now proceed to make a withdrawal request according to the steps given below.


Next, Make a Withdrawal Request

After adding a bank to your account, you can then proceed to make a withdrawal request so that the funds in your account can be sent by VoguePay to your bank. Remember that you only need to add your bank once and not every time that you want to withdraw. As long as you have added it once you do not need to add it again as it will always remain in your records unless you delete it.

To withdraw money from your VoguePay to your bank you need to make a withdrawal request. The following steps assume that you have already added a Bank to your VoguePay account.

Log in to your VoguePay account and from the Menu click on My Account and under it click on Withdraw Money. Note that when you login, the first thing you will see on your VoguePay account (near the top for mobile or by the left for computer) is the funds that are available for you to withdraw. Sometimes when you receive money on your VoguePay, you may need to wait for 48 hours before you can withdraw but this is not always the case. All the same, you will see the amount that is available to be withdrawn at that time.

After clicking on Withdraw Money, you will see the withdrawal request form. Read the message near the top, you will see the exact amount that you can withdraw. This figure is usually a little smaller than what you see when you log in to your account because VoguePay charges a very small fee for withdrawals and the figure displayed on this page is the balance of your funds after their fee has been deducted. You cannot withdraw more than this amount so in the form below it under amount enter the exact amount displayed there or something less than that. No need to add commas, just type in the figure only.

Click on the dashes (—) under bank selection to select the bank account that you want the money to be sent to. When you click, you will see the bank or banks that you added earlier. If you have not yet added a bank you won’t see anything listed here so you need to follow the steps in the previous section above to add a bank account before repeating this withdrawal process again.

After selecting the account to withdraw to, click on Withdraw to Bank then it will show a page with a spinning circle that says Processing… Just wait for some seconds for this to process and eventually you will be shown another screen asking you to Provide a Token.

Note that the Token requested here is not your Bank’s token but a VoguePay token that is sent to your email address and sometimes to your phone. If you don’t receive it on your phone immediately then go to your email and check for a message from VoguePay (check your email and spam folders). The token is a code comprised of numbers and letters and has a validity of 30 minutes.

When you find the token, copy it and go back to VoguePay and paste it where it says to Provide Token. If you are typing it in by yourself take note that the token is case sensitive so capital letters and small letters must be written exactly the way they are. If it’s capital make sure you type in capital and vice versa. If you copy and paste it then make sure you don’t mistakenly copy any extra spaces.

After entering the token, click on Submit. The processing page shows up again and after a few seconds you will see the message popup confirming that the operation was successful and that you will be contacted when your request has been processed. This contact is usually done via email: you will be sent an email when the payment has been sent to your bank.

For Nigerian bank accounts, it takes between 2 to 3 days for the money to be sent to your account. If after three days you have not received it in the account or you encounter any difficulty with this withdrawal process then call or mail VoguePay support. You can find their support phone numbers and email on their contact page here

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