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How to Register a New Member Through Your Link

As an Agent, you get a personal referral link with which you can use to register Agents and free members under you. If you register a free member, you will not earn any commissions but anytime they upgrade or purchase any product you will get 30% commission (even if its 100 years time). If you register a new Agent you will receive 30% commission and your uplines will receive commissions too. See the commissions list here.

To register a new member (free or Agent), there are two procedures that you can follow: Either through your main link or through the product link from the Shop.


The First Process: Main Link

To use this process, you need to first log out of your account and while logged out, visit your main referral link. For how to get your main referral link and other links, click here.

Before you visit your main referral link, make sure that you are logged out of your own account. Generally, the process of registering a new member (free or Agent goes like this:

Copy or write down your main referral link. See how to get your main referral link here.

Log out of your account

Visit your referral link by going through your browser address bar (not through Google search). See how to find the address bar here.

When you are there on the moneymaker homepage, check the address showing in the address bar and make sure it looks something like or where username is your MoneyMaker user name.

For example if your username is julius88 then your main link is (make sure that it’s all small letters). When you visit the link in the browser and the page has opened, the link will now change to

From the menu, go to the Shop and under shop in the menu, click on All Products (see the images below)



This will take you to the Shop where you can scroll through to find the product that you want or the membership plan that you want to register the new member under. Click on the product or the plan to get to the details page for it.

By this time your username may no longer be showing in the address bar but don’t worry about that because as long as you initially got to the site using your referral link, your details will be stored on the browser as the referrer using what is known as a “cookie” so that anything bought on the website gets you a 30% commission.

This cookie is a small computer program stored on the computer or mobile device and it has a validity of 30 days so as long as your cookie is stored on that computer or phone, anything bought through that browser on the website for the next 30 days will get you a commission. But if another Agent visits their link on that same browser before it gets to 30 days then your cookie will no longer be valid but it will be replaced with the new Agent’s cookie.

So in a nutshell, Your referral cookie is valid for 30 days as long as another referral link is not visited on the same browser within those thirty days. The referral cookie is set for the most recent referral link that is visited on the browser. If you need more explanation, click here to learn all about MoneyMaker referral links.

So now that you have gotten to the product details page for the membership plan that you want to register the person for, you can then continue the process normally to pay for the product. In the process of paying, you will be expected to create a new account for the person. You should use the person’s details to create the account for them and complete the payment according to the procedure given here for how to buy products.


The Second Process: Direct Product Link

The second process is similar to the first. The major difference is that instead of using the main referral link, you use the direct affiliate link for the product or membership plan that you want to register the person for.

Log into your account, visit the Shop Page and then search for the membership plan or the product that you want to register for or buy for the person.When you find the correct one, click on the image or name to get to the details page for the product.

STEP 2: When you get to the product details page, near the top you will see a segment called the agents Toolbox. If you do not see it make sure that you are logged in to your account and then check again or refresh the page.

Within this section called the Agents toolbox, you will see your direct referral link for that product and you will also see some buttons that you can use to share the link to various social networks. Click on the button below the link that says “Click Here to Copy Link“. This will copy the link to your system. See the image below:

Log out of your account and then go to your browser address bar and paste the link that you just copied and then visit the link. If you do not know how to copy and paste you can write out the link and type it into the browser manually but make sure that there is no mistake, no spaces and are all in small letters. Make sure you copy everything because most times the full link may not be visible so it is always better to use the copy button below the link. Making a mistake in your link may cause you to lose that commission. Also make sure you paste or type it into the address bar and not into search. If you do not know what the address bar is, click here to learn more about it.

When the product details page opens, make sure that you can see your username at the end of the link in the address bar after ?sp_name=.

When you have confirmed that the link is correct, you can then proceed to click on BUY NOW and go through the normal process of buying and paying for a product as described here

Testimonies from Agents

"My friends Laughed at me Because I Joined MoneyMaker, But When I Bought a Jeep..." - Martha Okeleke (Former Primary School Teacher, Enugu)

I used to be a teacher in a private primary school earning just N12,000 monthly salary which was never enough and I always ended up begging or borrowing from friends and colleagues and faced a lot of embarrassment from them. One day someone gave me a hand bill advertising a seminar and I kept the poster in my bag and forgot about it but back at home my sister-in-law saw it in my bag and was very interested because she had seen their advert on TV before so she (more…)

Martha Okeleke

"I made N102,000 in My Third Month" - Segun Olawale Bello, Office Assistant, Lagos

The first few weeks after I upgraded to an Agent account I was not able to register anyone or sell any course. I contacted the guy who registered me for help. He explained to me how to organise a small gathering.

I took his advice and held a small gathering of my friends held in my parlour where I explained how the program works and how to register. I then registered all of them as free members through my phone and told them about the benefits of upgrading to an Agent. I  asked them to contact me if they needed any help. Some asked me to (more…)

Segun Olawale Bello

"I Washed Plates to Raise Money to Join and Started With My Friend's Phone, Now I make an Average of N81,000 Monthly" - Chioma Obi, SS2 Student, Owerri

I am the first Child and my parents are very poor. I first stumbled across website when I was browsing with my friend's phone and I was very interested but I did not have the money to join so during our long holiday, I went to restaurants and hotels washing plates, fetching water and pounding yam and fufu to raise the money.

In my first term in SS2 I was able to register as an agent and started with my friend's android phone because I did not have a phone. Despite the fact that (more…)

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