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How to Generate and Share Your Referral Links


As an Agent, you are paid commissions when you register other Agents under you or when someone buys any product in the shop through your referral link. See the commission structure here.

You only get commissions when you register Agents or sell products through your link. If you register a free member through your link, you don’t get any commissions but if that person upgrades at any time to any Agent plan or buys any product, you get a commission.

One common strategy among Agents is to register as many free members as possible using their link, and then over time try to convince them to upgrade or to buy products. The website is structured in such a way that it also does a good job of trying to convince free members and Agents to upgrade so this is another advantage for you.


What Happens When Someone Visits Through Your Link?

When people visit any page on the website or Online Shop using your referral link, the first thing that happens is that your referral details are stored on the device that the visitor is using (mobile or computer). These referral details are stored in a small computer program called a “cookie” which is placed in the memory of the device.

What this cookie does is to identify to MoneyMaker that it was you who referred that person or visitor. Through this, the system is able to automatically know when someone has visited through your link and as such anything they buy, whether it is a product or a membership plan or upgrade you and your uplines get the commission.

The cookie has a validity of 30 days as long as the device user does not clear their browser cookies and as long as another Agent’s link is not visited on the same device or browser. If, before the 30 days are up another Agent’s link is visited on the same device then that new visit will wipe out your cookie and set it to the new Agent’s cookie. So if there is any purchase after the new cookie is set it is the new Agent that will get the commission and not you anymore. Unless your link is visited again (which will cause the other Agent’s cookie to be replaced by yours). So in a nutshell, the most recent referral link cookie is the one that gets the commission.


Commissions Forever

As long as someone joined through your link then anything they ever pay for no matter when they do even if it’s 10 years time you will always get a commission. The 30 day cookie rule only applies when the visitor is not already a member of MoneyMaker. In other words, as long as you are the one that referred a particular person and they end up joining or buying, then for as long as MoneyMaker exists you will always get the commission whenever that person pays for something on the site.


Types and Structure of the MoneyMaker Referral Link

There are three types of MoneyMaker referral links. You can use any of them to refer people and customers to the website and you will earn commissions. The types are:

  • The main link
  • The product affiliate links
  • Custom links


The Main Link

This is your main referral link and the one that is displayed on your Agents Dashboard. The structure of the link is where username is your MoneyMaker username. For example if your username is wisdom459 then your main referral link will be and it should all be in small letters.

Your Main Link has already been generated and displayed in your Agents Dashboard. To get to the Agents Dasboard, You can go through the Menu under your plan name (Gold, Silver or Bronze). Learn more about the menu here. You can also get to your Agents Dashboard by clicking here or visiting (make sure you are logged in first).

When you get to your Agents Dashoard, under Main Referral Link you will see it. You can write it down or copy it by clicking the button that says “Click here to copy Link”.


The Product Affiliate Links

In addition to your main referral link, you can also get unique referral affiliate links for each product in the Online Shop. To get your referral link for any product in the shop, first login to your account then go to the online Shop. You can get to the shop through the menu. Learn more about the menu here. You can also get to the Shop by clicking here or visiting

While there, search for any product that you want to promote and click on it to get to the details page for that product. Near the top of the page you will see an area known as the Agent’s Tool Box. Here you will find your direct affiliate link for that product. Take note that the link is usually long so parts of it may not be visible on the screen. But to copy it, you can click on the button below it that says “Click Here to Copy Link” as shown in the image below:

The structure of the affiliate product link is something like Where username is your username and “product” is the mini link for that product or membership plan. So for example, if your username is gilbert83 and you want the link for the importation product, then the proper structure will be , all in small letters.

The explanation above should not worry you too much if the link looks complicated because you are not the one to generate it yourself. To get this link all you need to do is to log in to your account, visit the online shop and click on the product to get to the Details page for that product, at the top of it you will find your Agent’s toolbox where the link will automatically be displayed with a button for you to copy it as explained above.


Sharing Product Affiliate Links

In the Agent’s Toolbox you will also notice other social media buttons to share the product with, like whatsapp etc. These buttons make it extremely easy to share your affiliate link at the touch of a button on those social networks listed. All you have to do is to click on the appropriate button and follow any instruction that pops up.

Note that for whatsapp, the system shares the actual affiliate link while for the others, the system generates a short link that redirects to the real link. This makes it easier to write down the link if you need to. The short link is of the form and it is case sensitive so if you are copying it by hand make sure that the capital and small letters are written exactly how it is shown.

Note also that you are not permitted to share your actual referral and affiliate links directly on facebook. To find out how to share your links on Facebook see this forum topic here.


Custom Links

Custom links are links that you can generate by yourself from any page on the MoneyMaker website. For example, if there is a particular page that you will like to share as an affiliate link, you can generate a custom link for that page and use it and it will still work like any of the two types of links above and will still ensure that you get commissions for any sales that occur from visitors who arrive on the website through the link.

To generate a custom link is easy. All you just need to do is to add the following to the end of the link of the page that you want to share: You append u/username where username is replaced by your own user name. So for example if your username is gambit555 then what you need to append to the end of the links would be u/gambit555. This is known as your affiliate credentials and note that there are no spaces and everything must be in small letters.

Now to generate a custom link, you first need to obtain the actual link for the page that you want to share. There are different ways that you can do this. On mobile, the fastest way is to visit the page that you want to share and check the browser address bar to see the link (or URL) for that page. This will also work for computers too. To learn about the browser address bar and where to find it, click here.

So assuming we want to generate the custom link for the “How it Works” page, first we visit the page and check the browser for the link of the page. For this page, the link that should be displayed is

Now that we have the link, the next thing would be to append your affiliate credentials to the end. So if your username is flyfishede then your affiliate credentials would be u/flyfishede

When you append the affiliate credentials to the end of the link, what you get as the final result would now be

The procedure is the same for any page on the website. Just obtain the link of that page from the address bar and then append your affiliate credentials at the end as shown above.

As another example, assuming we want to share the entire shop page and not specific products. First you visit the Shop (through the menu) and then check the address bar to get the link for that page. For the shop page, the link is

Next is to append your affiliate credentials to the end to give something like:


Some Direct Links

Here are the direct links to some of the most popular promotional pages on so all you have to do is to append your affiliate credentials to anyone of them. If the page you want is not listed below then try to use the procedure explained above to obtain the link so that you can append your affiliate details to it.

  • How it Works =>
  • How to Join =>
  • Compare Membership Plans =>
  • How to Buy Products =>
  • Frequent Questions =>
  • Free Membership =>


Warning About Sharing Your Links

Be careful when giving your link to others because if the link is not accessed correctly then you may not receive any commissions for the sale. Many people visit websites by typing into Google search but if someone accesses your link by typing it through Google search you will not get the commission because Google sometimes strips off the affiliate tags so you may get to the page but it won’t have your tags.

If someone wants to visit your link, They must click on the full link directly or they paste it into the address bar of their web browser and visit the site from there. To learn more about the address bar and how to locate it, click here.

Be warned also that you are not permitted to share your actual referral and affiliate links directly on facebook (but you can share on other social networks). To find out how to share your links on Facebook see this forum topic here.

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