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You Could Be Making Up to N200,000 Monthly Within 9 Months through MoneyMaker! Read on to Find Out How…

Our mission is to help Nigerians to become creators of wealth and help them to achieve financial freedom. Read testimonies here.


What is is an e-learning platform where you can learn new skills and various ways of making money. MoneyMaker also has an online Affiliate Referral Program where you can earn commissions when you refer new paying users and customers to the platform.

Every member also gets access to a rich library of online courses and e-textbooks on a wide variety of areas including money making, skills acquisition and small scale business startup training. The quantity and quality of the courses you can access varies according to your type of membership.

MoneyMaker Affiliates are called Agents. As a MoneyMaker Agent, you make money by inviting people to register through your referral link or when people buy digital products from our online shop through your affiliate link.

Agents can also earn commissions when other Agents referred through them bring in new Agents to join and when visitors buy digital products through their link from our online shop . You earn commissions down to 10 Levels! See the commissions compensation plan here.

You can either join as a free member or as an Agent. Free members cannot earn commissions unless you upgrade to one of the three Agent Plans of Bronze, Silver or Gold. Each of the plans have different benefits and you can see the details of each Agent plan here. is a fast paying website that provides a new way for Nigerians to make extra money and generate passive income while working from home or from anywhere in their spare time.

As an Agent, if you can bring in just about 3 new Agents every month and if they too can do the same, you could already be making up to N200,000 monthly by the 9th or 10th Month after you join.

How to Join

Even if you don’t have enough money you can join any Plan now and Upgrade Later.
Click here for how to Join.


Four Ways to Make Money with

There are four simple ways to make money as a MoneyMaker Agent.

  1. You can earn commissions when people buy our products and online courses through your referral link or through the links of agents in your downline (i.e agents under you).
  2. You can make money by referring others to join under you as Agents.
  3. You can make money by learning various skills and home based businesses that you can do to generate extra income for yourself.
  4. You will be given free resale rights ebooks, digital textbooks and online courses that you can sell and keep all the money for yourself.


Categories of Membership

There are two categories of Membership: The Free Trial Membership and the Agent Membership.

The main difference between the two is that for the free trial member you do not pay anything to join (free to join) but you CAN NOT earn commissions by referring people or selling products and you get very few free courses.

While the Agent membership is not free to join but you can earn huge commissions from referring people and selling products and you also get access to lots of free ebooks and video courses with some of them having resale rights. Resale rights means that you can sell them and keep all the money for yourself.

There are three types of Agent Membership Plans. See the different plans and their benefits here.

If you do not have enough money at the moment or you just want to first test out the platform to see whether you like it, you can join first as a free trial member now that we are offering free trial membership. You can then upgrade later to an Agent when you have the money.

But remember as a free member you will not be able to earn commissions when you refer people and you will not be able to make any money until you upgrade to Agent membership. Click here for how to Join MoneyMaker.


Why Become an Agent?

If you become an Agent, you will be paid commissions when you bring in other Agents to Join under you or when you sell our digital products like eBooks and videos from our Online Shop. You will also be paid when those agents under you sell our products or register new agents. This continues down for 10 Levels. See Testimonies of some Agents

In a recent survey, it was discovered that being a Agent is now one of the fastest ways to become a millionaire in Nigeria. As long as you keep working hard to build up and train your downline Agents, what you receive in a month will keep increasing. In fact if you can bring in just about 3 Agents every month and if they too can do the same, you could already be making as much as N200,000 Monthly by the 9th or 10th Month after you join.

As an Agent you will also get free access to video courses and eBooks that you can use to learn new skills and small businesses that you could start from home. You will also get the rights to resell some of these eBooks and keep all the proceeds from the sale for yourself.

How to Become an Agent (Click Here).


Commission Structure

After you register as an Agent, you will be paid commissions for every product or course that you sell through your link and for every Agent that you bring in to register under you. There are no limits to the number of Agents you can register or products you can sell. You will also get commissions when those Agents you registered sell products or are able to bring in new people and when those new people register others or sell products too.

Commissions are paid down to 10 Levels.

  1. You Receive 30% commission for any product you sell or for any Agent that Registers directly under you. This is your first level.
  2. You Receive 20% commission when an Agent that you registered sells a product from the online shop or brings in a new Agent – this is your 2nd Level.
  3. You Receive 5% commission every time someone in your 2nd Level sells a product from the shop or registers a new person (this is your 3rd Level).
  4. From your 4th Level down to your 10th Level you receive 1% commission whenever a product is sold or a new Agent is registered by Agents in your downline.
  5. See all the commissions here


As you probably know there are a lot of programs like this online that don’t pay. But this one is real. I can testify to that. You can also see some people’s testimonies here.


More Benefits of Being an Agent

Aside from the commissions listed above, other benefits of being a MoneyMaker Agent include:

  • You receive free ebooks with Resale Rights that you can sell and keep all the money
  • Free access to online training courses on how to set up various small and medium scale businesses in addition to learning other money making skills all via the Internet from the comfort of your own home
  • Gifts and bonuses like Provisions, Gifts, Hotel Vacations, Loans and more for the top earning Agents
  • Full access to the MoneyMaker Online Forum which is a place for aspiring and successful millionaires, wealth creators and entrepreneurs to learn, teach and share business and money making ideas

As an Agent, if you can bring in just about 3 new Agents every month and if they too can do the same, you could already be making up to N200,000 monthly by the 9th or 10th Month after you join.

The best thing about this new business is that you can do it with just a browsing phone or a computer (desktop or laptop) or from a cybercafe and in your spare time, no matter your age, status, education or current occupation.

As an Agent you will make lots of money and get access to tools and skills that will turn you into an unstoppable creator of wealth thereby leading you to self empowerment and financial freedom.


Skills Acquisition and Self Empowerment Online Courses also offers for sale through the Online Shop ebooks and online video courses on starting various small scale businesses, hand works and self empowerment skills. You can now learn how to start many small scale home based businesses and many skills and trades right from the comfort of your own home.


What Work Exactly Will You Be Doing to Make the Money?

The main work is networking and promoting the program and teaching the people that you bring in how to use the platform, how to refer buyers and how to register new Agents. This includes doing things like:

  • Trying to get people to buy products through your link
  • Trying to get people to join as Agents or as free members under you (If they join as Agents you get a commission immediately. But if they join as free members you may not get a commission immediately but anytime they upgrade to become Agents, you will receive the commission.)
  • Introducing family members, friends and colleagues to the platform and getting them to join under you or buy courses and products through your link
  • If you are a blog owner, placing banner ads, links and articles promoting your referral links
  • Sharing your links on blogs, forums and social networks like Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram etc
  • Creating Social media groups (e.g on Whatsapp, Telegram etc) to educate people about the program and to promote your links
  • Organising meetings, gatherings, shows and seminars to introduce people to the program
  • Organising training sessions (online or offline) to train the Agents under you
  • Sharing of posters and fliers about the program


How Will You Get Paid?

You will be able to receive your payment direct to your Nigerian bank account 24 to 48 hours after making a withdrawal request. Click Here to see how to withdraw commissions.


Payment Proofs

Below are some payment proofs (click any image to view large size, and back to return to this page)


How to Join MoneyMaker

Click Here for How to Join

If you just want to buy a Product, see how to buy and how to pay.


Further Links

Testimonies of Agents

"My friends Laughed at me Because I Joined MoneyMaker, But When I Bought a Jeep..." - Martha Okeleke (Former Primary School Teacher, Enugu)

I used to be a teacher in a private primary school earning just N12,000 monthly salary which was never enough and I always ended up begging or borrowing from friends and colleagues and faced a lot of embarrassment from them. One day someone gave me a hand bill advertising a seminar and I kept the poster in my bag and forgot about it but back at home my sister-in-law saw it in my bag and was very interested because she had seen their advert on TV before so she (more…)

"I made N102,000 in My Third Month" - Segun Olawale Bello, Office Assistant, Lagos

The first few weeks after I upgraded to an Agent account I was not able to register anyone or sell any course. I contacted the guy who registered me for help. He explained to me how to organise a small gathering.

I took his advice and held a small gathering of my friends held in my parlour where I explained how the program works and how to register. I then registered all of them as free members through my phone and told them about the benefits of upgrading to an Agent. I  asked them to contact me if they needed any help. Some asked me to (more…)

"I Washed Plates to Raise Money to Join and Started With My Friend's Phone, Now I make an Average of N81,000 Monthly" - Chioma Obi, SS2 Student, Owerri

I am the first Child and my parents are very poor. I first stumbled across website when I was browsing with my friend's phone and I was very interested but I did not have the money to join so during our long holiday, I went to restaurants and hotels washing plates, fetching water and pounding yam and fufu to raise the money.

In my first term in SS2 I was able to register as an agent and started with my friend's android phone because I did not have a phone. Despite the fact that (more…)