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How to Start Sports and Football Arbitrage in Nigeria

How to Start Sports and Football Arbitrage in Nigeria

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Can football arbitrage work in Nigeria? How can one find good arbitrage bets in Nigeria? These are some of the questions burning in the minds of many Nigerian betters and bet finders who are involved in, or are just delving into the world of arbing and odds comparison in Nigeria.

The short answer to both questions is yes, arbitrage soccer betting in Nigeria is real and yes you can find and place arbitrage bets in Nigeria if you have the right software. The one we use is Rebelbetting Nigeria and we will talk more about it later on in this article but first, for the benefit of those who are totally new to arbing in Nigeria, let us first look at what it really means.

Arbitrage in general refers to taking advantage of differences in price and other factors in two different markets or businesses and using that to your advantage to make a net profit when you buy from one market and sell in another market.

When it comes to sports or football arbitrage, what it really boils down to is betting on the same game with two different bookmakers who have different odds for that particular game. With one bookmaker, you bet on one side and with the other bookmaker, you bet on the opposite side.

So what eventually happens at the end of the day is that you must lose on one side and you must win on the other side, but irrespective of which side you lose or win, you make a net profit at the end of the day because the loss on one side is balanced by the gain on the other side – with a little extra on top as profit. That is just the basics of sports and football arbitrage simplified.

Now, not all matches can be used for arbitrage because the odds at the bookmakers have to differ in such a way that betting the right amounts on both sides will definitely yield a profit. The beautiful thing about arbitrage is that you will ALWAYS make a profit and although the profit may be small (usually in the range of 2 to 10%), there is practically ZERO risk so this is just like a kind of investment or trading where the profits are guaranteed.


When it is done right, arbing can give you up to 20% profit every month risk free. There is no other business or investment like this in Nigeria today. And in case you were wondering, Yes it is 100% Legal and you are not breaking any law by doing it although some bookmakers don’t always encourage it so you have to do it with sense.

Sports arbitrage is also known as arbing, surebetting, matched betting and sometimes sharbing. It is still a big secret in Nigeria even though it has been in existence and has been practiced around the world for decades. The major reason why it is still a big secret in Nigeria is because up till only very recently, it was not possible to do arbing in Nigeria because there was really no easy arbitrage bet finder that could find arbing opportunities with Nigerian bookmakers.

Only during the later parts of 2018 did arbing in Nigeria become possible with the integration of Nigerian bookmakers into one of the most popular bet finding software in the world called Rebel Betting. With the launch of this new software in Nigeria and integration of Nigerian bookies, it has now become very easy to find bet9ja arbitrage, nairabet arbitrage, netbet and merrybet arbitrage bets using automated means which makes it fast and easy and also to easily do odds comparison in Nigeria.

Actually, not that it was not possible before but the process was manual and tedious because you had to dig around for likely bets and manually visit the websites of various bookmakers to find matched bets and then you needed to apply often confusing mathematical formulas to calculate the expected profit from such bets.

Other ways of doing sports arbitrage in Nigeria before now also involved using software which made it fast and easy but the problem with most of the software available back then was that they did not include Nigerian bookmakers therefore even if you found good arbitrage bets, they were usually all in foreign currency hence you needed to start converting currencies before you can bet, this made the process cumbersome and slow which is not good because sports arbing is very much time dependent and many of the arbitrage bets opportunities sometimes only last for few minutes.

One of the main reasons why Rebelbetting (or Rebelbetting Lite) is great for Nigerians is that it allows you to perform arbing with Nigerian bookmakers like bet9ja, nairabet, netbet and merrybet with other bookmakers soon to be added. So if you are interested in bet9ja arbitrage or nairabet arbitrage or merrybet arbitrage, you should download the software.

Also for those who are looking for free arbitrage bets or those who want to know how to find arbitrage bets in Nigeria, Rebelbetting Nigeria software is the answer. Although there are a couple of different arbitrage betting software on the market, rebelbetting software is currently the only arbitrage bet finder that works with Nigerian bookmakers.


About the RebelBetting Arbing Software

The Rebelbetting Nigeria software is free to download but the free version is just for testing because it will only show you arbitrage bets that have profit margins of 0.6% or less. But when you upgrade to one of their subscription plans, you can get arbitrage bets that can yield up to 20% or more (although it is not always a good idea to place bets when the arbs are so high. Usually it’s better to just stick to arbs that are below 10% to be on the safe side).


How to Download the Arb/Bet Finder Software

The Rebelbetting software can only work on a computer. To download the rebelbetting software, click here or visit

What you will download is the free version which has most of the features of the paid version just that the arbs you will get will be limited but you can use the free version to test out the software and understand how it works. And when you are ready you can subscribe for any of the paid plans. subscribing for the paid plan will provide you with more benefits especially the ability to find arb bets of higher profit margins.

Also when you want to upgrade, its not too difficult because you can use most Nigerian atm cards. There is also a bonanza going on at the moment where you can get a discount on the first subscription and I will give you the link to get the discount in the section below on how to pay.

But for now, if you just want to test the software then use the following link to download the free trial version:


Overview and Quick Rebelbetting Review: How to find Arb Bets in Nigeria

Now assuming you have downloaded the rebelbetting Nigeria software and you have successfully installed it, here is a brief overview of how it works.

When you install the software and then open it up, make sure you are connected to a good internet connection and wait for some minutes and it will begin to find arbitrage bet opportunities. Soon you will begin to see the different arbing bets it finds being listed on the screen. By default, it will list bets from most of the bookmakers supported by the software but you can also specify which particular bookmakers you want to see arbs for.

To specify the bookmakers that you want to see their arbs, click on Options and then Bookmakers. You will see a list of all of them with two checkboxes beside each one. Unselect the ones you do not want and then select the two checkboxes beside the ones that you want. Here you will also see Nigerian bookmakers like bet9ja, nairabet, merry bet and netbet (the company says they will be adding more Nigerian bookmakers soon). You can select as many bookmakers as you like but remember that to take advantage of arbitrage bets that are found, you need to have accounts with the bookmakers that you select.

For now, the Nigerian bookmakers supported by Rebelbetting software are:

  • Bet9ja
  • Nairabet
  • Merrybet
  • 1xbet (not a Nigerian bookie but accepts Nigerian payments through bank or card)

The rebel betting software (lite or pro) is an arbitrage, matched betting, cross markets and surebetting software. It also has a feature called autosurf where the software will automatically log you in to the bookmaker’s site and locate the appropriate betslip for you. To use this feature, you need to enter the details of your account at the different bookmakers. To enter these details, click on Options and then Bookmaker Settings and select the bookmaker then enter your login details. Do this for all of the ones you are using and then close the options window.

So now when you see an arb you can just click the blue Play button on the top left of the software and then give it a few minutes. The internal browser will do the rest.

There’s more to learn about using the software but the great thing is that the software creators also provide lots of resources that will teach you how to use the software. Its very easy to use so try it out today and download the free version or if you want to go right ahead and start seriously then upgrade to their paid plans. More about this is given below in the next section.


How to Pay for Rebelbetting Subscription from Nigeria

As mentioned earlier, if you really want to get serious about sports and football arbitrage in Nigeria, it is better to upgrade to any of the Rebelbetting paid plans for Nigerians. When you see the figures, don’t be scared by the cost because you can easily make back times 20 or more of what you pay if you do things right.

Also right now there is a promo for Nigerians so if you follow this link, you will be able to start by paying a very low amount compared to their other plans. Here is the promo link:

You can make payment using various means including online card payment, Paypal or what is known as Skrill. What we normally use is our naira ATM card. If you have a Payoneer card or any MasterCard or visa card you can also use this to pay. But most people we know pay with their normal Naira ATM card. But what happens is that they will convert the figure and deduct the equivalent in Naira from your card. So before paying, make sure you have enough funds in your card.

You can use Google or or abokifx to check the equivalent in Naira but note that the actual money that will be deducted may be higher than what you get from those exchange rates because Nigerian banks normally use a higher exchange rate. All the same, all these are small things because by using the software alone you can easily make back more than even times ten of what you spend on subscription (as long as you know what you are doing).

Also some Nigerian banks require you to first activate your card for online payments before you can use it to pay for things online. So if you try paying with your Naira ATM card and its not going even though you have enough funds, then please go to your bank and complain to them.

Note also that the subscription plans are usually automatically billed monthly so if you don’t want to continue paying then remember to cancel your subscription if not you will be automatically billed month after month as long as there are enough funds in your account.

Once again, here is the promo link for Nigerians to join at the lowest cost for the first month:

And in conclusion, Can football arbitrage work in nigeria? Yes it can. How to find arbitrage bets including free arbitrage bets? Use Rebelbetting Nigeria software.

And How to get the good bets with the software? Go for one of their paid plans here.



  • Francis says:

    The site indicates one can get 10% of your investment monthly. but how is that possible when you can get 5% of your investment in a day

    • Admin says:

      The investment is not a fixed amount and you shouldn’t compare daily figures to monthly figures directly because inside a month some days may even yield up to 20% profit on the bets for that day only, while the next day may yield only 5% profits. The estimate is based on TOTAL money spent in ONE MONTH compared to TOTAL money GAINED in the same one month.

  • Francis says:

    Good day sir. How do we subscribe For those willing to subscribe to rebelbetting but don’t have access to a PC

  • Asibong says:

    So now with only 4 Nigerian bookmarkers, is they enough arb opportunities for nigerians arbers to make 20% of their investment monthly

    • Admin says:

      If you add some foreign bookies who accept Nigerians like 1xbet and you go for both the low arbs and the higher arbs you can make between 10% to 20%

  • Peter says:

    Hello Admin, how to you take care of the limitation on the amount one can bet with? for bookies like 1xbet.

    • Admin says:

      Start with small bets if you are new and bet some loosing bets mixed with winning bets. After doing this for some weeks you can start gradually increasing the amounts you are betting on the arbs. And don’t bet ridiculously large sums on obscure games.

  • Iheanyi says:

    Good day Team. I want to ask. What is the equivalent exactly in Naira that is paid for a month sub? With just 5 Nigerian sites listed for the Nigeria version, what has your own experience been like?

    • Admin says:

      Right now there is a promo and if you subscribe through this link you will be able to get the discount and pay 19 Euros which is roughly equivalent to N8,000 if you are paying with a naira card (this value may fluctuate with time but is correct as of today 25 May 2019.

      If you are consistent in your usage and with enough capital you can cover this subscription several times over.

    • Amb Sule Isah Muhammad says:

      I love the fluidity and understandability of your writing and responses. This is great. Do give me updates. I would like to keep in touch with great minds like you.

  • Chido says:

    Can I get the Rebelbetting Nigeria app to use on my android phone instead PC?

    • Admin says:

      For now the software is only available for Windows computers but very soon a web version and mobile app will be available.

      • Olufemi says:

        What is the range of percentage arb I can get with the software

        • Admin says:

          The maximum you will get from the free version is 0.6% but when you upgrade to the paid version you can get arbs as high as even 30% but it’s more common to have arbs of between 5% and 10%

  • Shola says:

    I have known this for sometime now, but my fair is won’t they ban or close my accts after detecting am using arbitrage bet ? I know foreign acct is a No for me, talking about Nigeria book makers

    • Admin says:

      They wont if you follow simple rules like don’t start betting with very large sums of money instead start small and gradually increase your bets, also don’t bet on arbs that are greater than 10%

    • MOSES says:

      my fair is 1xbet hate Nigerians and they always close account when they discover you are winning, is there are means of getting the games on Nigerian bookies alone.

      • Admin says:

        The software allows you to select which bookies you want. So you can select only the Nigerian bookmakers if that is what you prefer.

  • Henry says:

    Please sir, I am really interested. But my question is, can one get at least one arb per day between the Nigerian bookmakers?

    • Admin says:

      There’s no guarantee. Some days you can get more than one and some days you may not get any. But there are some foreign bookmakers on the platform that also accept Nigerians. Its easier to get arbs between those foreign ones and the Nigerian bookmakers.