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How to Start Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria: A Case Study

How to Start Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria: A Case Study

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In this case study, we shall be looking at how to set up and promote as an affiliate program and how to grow it to the point where you can be making up to N150,000 monthly from it fully on autopilot (i.e without you doing anything extra).

The affiliate program already provides three out of the four items required which are a hot product, a sales page and an autoresponder. The only thing that is left is the fourth which is traffic. That is where you come in by looking for ways to get traffic to visit your affiliate link. You can either go for the free methods of getting traffic or you can go with the paid method.

The free methods take longer time to make money but in the paid method, it takes a much shorter time to make money. In this case study we will be looking at the paid method which involves paying for adverts on popular websites and blogs.

The minimum that you need to start up properly in the paid method is N30,000 and this has the potential to grow up to a monthly income of average N150,000 monthly within 6 to 9 months.

To start up, you need to first register as a Agent member. There are three types of Agent membership plans which are Bronze, Silver and Gold. Bronze is the cheapest, as at the time of writing this Bronze Agent membership was just N1,000. So if you are really really short on cash you can start up with the Bronze Agent.

But to be honest with you, it is much better to go for either the Silver Agent or Gold Agent if you can afford it because you will get much more benefits in the long run. My calculations in this case study will assume that you join as a Silver Agent. If you are already a free member you can easily upgrade to any Agent plan anytime.


As of the time of writing this, Silver Agent membership was N5,000. so out of the N30,000 initial investment, N5,000 is meant for registering as a silver Agent. If you can afford it, you should go for the Gold Agent because that is the best plan though it is the most expensive. But if you don’t have the funds to register as a Gold Agent then you can settle for the Silver Agent.

Anyway, lets say we use N5,000 to join as a Silver Agent, we are now left with a balance of N25,000. This is what you will now use for advertising. You can actually start with any amount that you can spare for the advertising, but advertising on most of the popular blogs costs usually from about N25,000 and above per week.

For example, Nairaland will cost you about N20,000 and this can even last for more than a week but Nairaland is one of the cheapest and they don’t always accept all types of adverts so if you are lucky and they accept yours then you will able to easily get up to 200 subscribers within one week. Most others will accept more types of adverts but they tend to be more expensive.

To place an advert, visit these popular newspaper websites or blogs and check their menu to see if they have any link for advertising. If none, then check their contact page and contact them directly. Some of them will have a dedicated email or phone line for adverts. If no dedicated line, call or email any contacts you see on the page and tell them that you want to advertise your link below their articles and how much will it cost.

One thing I like very much about the affiliate program is that you do not need to worry about the other items like a hot product, Sales page or autoresponder emails because the platform already has good products with great sales pages and a very effective autoresponder series and all you just need to do is to try and get people to subscribe for free (through your link) to the autoresponder.

Once you can get them to subscribe, MoneyMaker then takes over from there and begins to send them emails meant to teach them and at the same time gently convince them to join as Agents or to buy products. For anybody who subscribes for the autoresponder through your link and then ends up buying something or joining/upgrading as an Agent, you get a 30% commission. Simple as that!



Now let me talk more about the autoresponder and how the money is being generated and also how it will grow into N150,000 Monthly. Remember this is really just an example and the actual amount that you will make may be more than or less than the figure given here, it all depends on the quality of the traffic that you can get. But the figure used here is an average figure and many Agents have already hit this figure by following the same steps described here.

When you join as an Agent, you will get your own personal referral links for all the courses and membership plans in their Online Shop (note that free members do not get referral links hence cannot earn commissions unless they upgrade to Agent). Some of the courses and products in the online shop are free and some are not free.

One of the most popular free courses is the 7 day online free e-course which is this very course that you are reading right now. So as mentioned before, all the emails that you have been receiving these past few days in this free mini e-course are all coming from our autoresponder.

So if you are now an Agent, you will also be able to refer people to register for this free course and if they happen to join moneymaker as an Agent or upgrade from a free account or buy any product then you will get a commission.

Now this free course serves two main purposes for us:

  1. First and most importantly, it enables us to meet up with the mission of our corporate social responsibility programs which is to teach people for free how to make money and empower themselves.
  2. The second purpose is to use it as a vehicle to introduce our self empowerment courses and packages to those who may need them but were previously unaware of their existence.

Over the years, the emails in this free 7 day autoresponder series have been tweaked and updated to give subscribers the best value while at the same time getting the best conversion rate out of it. Conversion rate is a measure of how many people end up buying a paid product as compared to the total number of those that subscribe to the autoresponder.

As of now, the conversion rate for the 7 day e-course series is about 0.1 or 10% which means that out of every 10 persons that register, only one person on the average ends up buying something. Don’t think this conversion rate is too low because this is normal in most online offers. Conversion rates usually tend to be less than 10% and this is what you should normally come to expect.  Now for a little bit of calculation:

For every Silver Agent that you register at N5,000, your commission is N1,500 therefore you need 20 people to register as Silver Agents for you to get back your initial N30,000. With the conversion rate of the autoresponder series being 0.1 , it means that to get 20 people who pay, you need about 200 people to register for the free course.

Now, whether you can get up to 200 people to register depends on the source of traffic that you have and there is no guarantee that you will, but on the average, you should be able to get 200 people to register within the space of one week using N20,000 worth of traffic. However this is not a guarantee.

Anyway, when you have been able to get your 20 registrations, that is only the beginning. For this whole strategy to work, you need to reinvest whatever you initially make back into the business to get more traffic and more people subscribing for the autoresponder so that more people will join as Agents under you.

Just keep trying to get people to register for the autoresponder because many of them will likely end up registering as Agents or buying products. And everybody that ends up registering as an agent under you is like an asset that will continue to earn you repeated commissions for a long time to come. That is the beauty of the moneymaker system.

Because you earn commissions down to the 10th level, every person that registers as an agent through your referral link will not only earn you the initial commission from their registration but will also earn you additional commissions as they too start registering Agents and selling products and their Agents start registering agents and selling products too.

For example, if someone you referred registers as a Gold Agent (N12,000), your commission is 30% that is N3,600. Now if that new Gold Agent who you referred now registers a new Gold Agent for themselves, you (that didn’t do any direct work) will receive 20% which is N2,400. And if that newer Agent registers a Gold Agent, you get 5% which is N600 and so it goes on down to the 10th level.

So each and every agent that you are able to get to register under you is like an asset that will yield you more and more commissions down the line as time goes on without needing your direct input from you. That is why at the beginning you must put in as much as you can afford into advertising your link so as to get as many subscribers as possible onto the autoresponder through your link.

If you do not have much money then you have to go with the free method which entails looking for free places where you can advertise your link but bear in mind that this free method can take a longer time for you to get the kind of traffic you need because you will not make any money or even have the possibility to make money if people are not subscribing for the free course through your link.

You also have to risk trying out certain blogs and websites to see which one will give you the most traffic at the cheapest price. There are many popular blogs in Nigeria but until you advertise with them you can never tell how much traffic you will get from them within a day or a week. So you may need to try different websites until you find one that converts well at an affordable cost.

You will not start seeing commissions the very day that you start to advertise because most people will not start paying on that very first day. It usually takes a few days or weeks before you start seeing the commissions as people who have been convinced begin to register as Agents or buy products.

So at the start, don’t eat your commissions because you need to reinvest whatever you make in the first month into more advertising for the second month. Continue like this for three months until you have about 100 registered Agents under you. That is when you can now relax a bit and start collecting your commissions as profit. It is also advisable to keep advertising so that you can get more and more agents under you.

If you can continue like this then by the 6 month give or take, you ought to be making anything in the range of N100,000 to N150,000 mostly through  commissions from your Agents and by the 9th month you should hit nearly N200,000 monthly or more

So dear friend, that is how you can make up to N150,000 – N200,000 monthly starting with an investment of N30,000 and with little or no work on your part. In summary the steps are:

  1. Register or upgrade to a MoneyMaker Agent plan (Silver or Gold is better). Click Here to See how to register as an Agent
  2. Look for a good website that offers affordable advert rates for banner or link ads
  3. Create a link for example “How to turn a N30,000 investment into N150,000 Monthly Income Within 6 Months” and link it to your autoresponder referral link. Or use one of the banner ads that you will get when you join as an Agent
  4. Keep advertising and reinvesting your ALL your commissions until you have up to 100 Agents under you (this should be around the 6th month)
  5. Relax and start taking your profit from the monthly commissions

To learn more about and how to join as an Agent, visit

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