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Making Money Online in Nigeria

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Monetization is the Goal of Online Business

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An online idea or a website cannot be called a business if it cannot generate money for you. Monetization (or monetization model) refers to any strategy that can be employed or applied to a website or an online idea that can generate money from it. For example if you build a website with the intention [...]

How you Should think about Online Business

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The term Online Business is generally used to refer to any legal activity carried out on the Internet that is able to generate a profitable income for the doer. There are lots of different things that anyone can do to make money online and the term is used to refer singly or collectively to any [...]

Q n A: How Much is Needed to Start Online Business and How Much Will I Make

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At the very minimum, the only cost you will incur while starting out with Internet business is the cost of your internet access. This is the only mandatory requirement that costs money. If you already have an internet connection then you will be able to start some online businesses almost immediately without spending anything else. [...]

Q n A: In Online Business Who Pays me the Money and How do I Receive it?

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There are different types of lucrative online businesses in Nigeria that you can do and for each one there are different ways of receiving your money. Some online businesses are run by big foreign companies and they are the ones that pay you while in some of the other businesses the customers pay directly to [...]
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