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About the Forum

The forum is a great place to interact with other members and Agents. It can also be a fast way to get help and answers because most of the common questions have already been answered there so all you have to do is search the forum. You will also learn new skills,  secrets and ways of making money.


Forum Rules and Policy

  1. This is a forum for help, support and cooperation. We are all one big happy family and we are all brothers and sisters irrespective of tribe, religion, age, gender or politics. This is a neutral community of loving people. We believe that nobody knows everything and we are all here to learn and also teach others what we know.
  2. Search first before posting a question in case it has been asked before.
  3. Do not use all capital letters when you post.
  4. No posting of sexual, nude, naked or pornographic images, videos, links and other content. Also no illegal content, downloads, links and hacks. Lastly no violent, bloody or gory images, videos and links.
  5. Do not advertise things or post affiliate links. Any advertising or promotional links must be posted in the Marketplace only and you must have a minimum Level B and above before you are allowed to post adverts in the marketplace. If you are not up to the required Level you must take permission from an Admin to get approval. Posting an advert when you are not up to the required Level will lead to a loss in points.
  6. Always try your best to post in the right board or discussion.
  7. All replies to a topic should be relevant and related to the topic thread. Start a new topic for any discussion that is not related to the current post. Don’t just jump into ongoing discussions with unrelated questions. Start your own topic instead.
  8. All posts must be mainly in English language. Do not use shortened or abbreviated words or slangs, write your words in full.
  9. Always let your comment or reply be sensible and relevant.
  10. Always be respectful, helpful, nice and friendly.
  11. Always show respect for Moderators and Admins.
  12. Answer questions if you know the answer.
  13. Click “Like”on a member’s post/reply as a way of saying thank you or if their reply is helpful. It gives them points and helps to increase their rank.
  14. Do not cheat, insult, steal or act malicious to other members and Agents. Report any such persons or posts to an Admin immediately.



Participate to Earn Points and Increase your Level

Points are a way to reward you for being active and helpful. As you participate in the forum you earn points. The more you participate and contribute helpfully, the more points you will earn. The more points you earn the higher your Level will grow. The higher your Level grows the more benefits you will receive. So try to participate and be active and helpful in the forum so that you will grow in Level. Negative behaviour in the forum may lead to loss of points.

Below are the points associated with various activities (hopefully in the future we will give out prizes to the top points earners during a given period):

  • When you login = +1 point (maximum once per day)
  • When your post or reply is liked = +2 points
  • When you create a new topic = +1 Point
  • When you reply to a topic = +1 Point (please don’t reply just to get points because you can lose points for irrelevant answers)
  • Irrelevant or senseless answer = -1 Point
  • You also earn points when you buy a product from the Online Shop or when you upgrade. The higher the cost of the product that you buy, the more points you will receive.

Levels are awarded as alphabets from A to Z with Level A being the lowest level and Level Z being the highest level. As you gain more points, you will move to a higher level.


How to Access the Forum

There are two main sections of the forum: The Millionaire’s forum for all members and the Agents forum for Agents only. Some areas of the forum can only be viewed if you are logged in. You can access the forum from the menu or by visiting