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12 Best Paying MLM Companies in Nigeria 2022

12 Best Paying MLM Companies in Nigeria 2022

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Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business in Nigeria has been around for decades and it may surprise you that there are presently more than a thousand different mlm companies and network marketing businesses operational in Nigeria as at today; although some are paying and some not paying. Also some are easier to do than others while many are just pure scams meant to swindle unsuspecting Nigerians.

With so much choices in the market and with new mlm companies being launched all the time (including the food networks), it becomes quite difficult to know which of them to join and which of them would actually pay after you have gone through all the rigours of bringing people in and selling products to earn commissions and bonuses.

To help you so that you do not fall into the hands of an mlm company that does not pay and based on my experience and from the testimonies I’ve heard from people who have tried many multi level marketing businesses in Nigeria, I have picked out some of the best of them, my top 12 list of genuine networking businesses in Nigeria that are paying good right now (if you promote them well).


Best Paying MLM Companies in Nigeria

Here is a list of the top 12 best paying MLM companies in Nigeria as of today:

  1. Oxford Group Nigeria
  3. Superlife World
  4. Longrich
  5. Oriflame
  6. Tasly
  7. Rain International
  8. Forever Living Products
  9. GNLD
  10. Trevo
  11. Alliance in Motion (AIM) Global
  12. Norland International

The list above contains both long-existing companies and also the latest networking businesses in nigeria and also those companies among the best paying mlm in Nigeria in 2021 with good compensation plans and commissions. Other good ones include Norland international network marketing and some others that may not necessarily be in the top 12 like Edmark, Happyworld Meal Gate and Helping Hands International..

All the companies in the list are good network marketing companies and business opportunities in Nigeria and are paying many of their registered members although for most of them there is usually a considerable amount of work and networking required but you should know that nothing good comes easy. And hey! its a networking business, right? so you are expected to (yes) network after registration.


I will not go into much detail about most of the networking companies in the list above because I am sure you are familiar with most of them. And although it is not so easy to tell which of these mlm companies pays the best, I will just highlight on the top 5 in the list because they are among the newest members of the paying mlm companies in Nigeria and we predict that they will continue to be among the best paying network marketing companies in Nigeria 2021.


1. Oxford Group Nigeria

Oxford International Groupp of Companies Nigeria is the Nigerian arm of the Oxford International Group Africa company, an Africa-wide conglomerate of diverse groups of companies and holdings mostly in the real estate and agricultural sector. They have lots of large mechanized farms and large estates all over Nigeria and anyone can invest in their farms and estates and get a high percentage of returns with near zero risk.

This is actually not a network marketing platform and there are no referrals or marketing but we added it to this list because it is currently the top earning genuine investment platform for Nigerians at the moment with ZERO RISK.

They have different investment plans but the most popular is known as MortgageVest which yields 45% profit with minimum investment of N100,000.

So for example, if you invest N100,000 in Oxford MortgageVest plan, you will immediately be paid 45% which is N45,000. Then at the end of the investment duration (16 months for MortgageVest), your original capital of N100,000 will be returned.

Oxford International is a very reputable company and is currently the number one paying investment platform in Nigeria today.

To read a full detailed review of Oxford Group and all their investments, visit this link (click here)

Free Ebook on Oxford Investment: To download a free ebook explaining everything you need to know about Oxford, click here


2. is another great and fast paying online network marketing company in Nigeria but it’s mainly targeted towards internet marketers and people familiar with internet and doing online business. is one of the newly launched mlm companies in Nigeria (actually, newly relaunched) and as of now MoneyMaker is the top paying mlm company in Nigeria but its mostly for people who are good with internet or who have large number of fans on social media or email so if you are not familiar with computers and internet it may not be such a great fit for you unless you are willing to spend time to learn the ropes.



This relatively new MLM Company (first launched in 2014 and newly relaunched) is currently the highest paid and most profitable in Nigeria.

Although all the companies listed above are genuine and if you can do the work you will get paid, is in a class of its own and if you are really into internet based multi-level marketing and you know how to promote things on social media then this MLM company is one that you definitely should join this year especially since it is an online business in nigeria that pays.

Also it cost little to join, you can join with as low as N1,000 and you do not need to spend money buying products because all their products are digital and online and all you just have to do is to get people to buy the products through your link. And they have some very good products too. Compensation Plan and Commission Structure

For those who know a bit about network marketing and MLM, MoneyMaker is what is known as a Unilevel Matrix which is 10 Levels deep. This means that you earn commissions for products sold and members brought in down to ten levels!!! This is the highest number of levels for any existing MLM paying site in Nigeria. See the commissions compensation plan here:

The MoneyMaker online multi-level marketing platform is owned by NG44 Consulting, you may have heard of them, a very reputable company in the Nigerian online space with their head office in Benin City, Edo State so there is no fear of whether its real or a scam. These guys sure know what they are doing. They already have a lot of members who are making progress and doing well with them. - top paying mlm network marketing companies in nigeria is an e-learning platform combined with an online Multi-Level-Marketing Networking Platform. You make money by inviting people in or when people buy digital products from their online shop through your affiliate link. See the commissions compensation plan here:

Payments are very fast and made 24 to 48 hours after you cross N100 (hundred naira) in commissions and there are lots of proofs and testimonies of people all over the internet who have been paid and who have made it big in just a few months through Here are some testimonies:

You can either join as a free member or as an Agent. Free members cannot earn commissions unless you upgrade to one of the three Agent Plans of Bronze, Silver or Gold. Each of the plans have different benefits and you can see the details of each Agent plan here:


How Works has a referral program where you can become an Agent and earn commissions when you refer people to buy online ebooks, video courses and other products from their Online Shop through your customized link or when you refer people to join as Agents through your link. See more about how it works here:  See the products in the online shop here:


Four Ways to Make Money with

There are four simple ways to make money as a MoneyMaker Agent.

  1. You can earn commissions when people buy our products and online courses through your referral link or through the links of agents in your downline (i.e agents under you).
  2. You can make money by referring others to join under you as Agents.
  3. You can make money by learning various skills and home based businesses that you can do to generate extra income for yourself.
  4. You will be given free resale rights ebooks, digital textbooks and online courses that you can sell and keep all the money for yourself.

How to Join as a Agent

Although there is a Free membership, you cannot earn commissions unless you join as a Paying Agent. There are different types of Agent Membership and as at the time of writing this, the lowest type of Agent membership plan was N1,000. And once you join with N1,000, you can bring people in on your same plan or any of the higher plans and you can also earn commissions when people buy digital products through your link. See how to join as an agent here:



3. Superlife World:

For the number three on our list of top paying network mlm companies in Nigeria, we have Superlife World which is also quite new (about three years). They have a very nice health supplement known as STC30 which is based on stem cell therapy and which has been proven to cure or greatly improve/treat over 200 diseases including cancer, fibroids, infertility, rheumatism, HIV and many more.

The supplement actually works very well hence they are relatively easy to promote and market and are growing in popularity as the company expands. They also have a nice compensation plan. You can learn more about their products  here => and if you wish to join or if you have questions, scroll down to the bottom of that link and you will see how to contact the team members  or order the products.

There are also other products and companies that are similar to Superlife STC30, some of them even make claims of  having same stem cell based supplement but none of them comes close to the popularity that Superlife STC30 has gained and continues to gain as the months go by. What this translates to ultimately is more money for their members and this is what makes them the third highest paying MLM networking company in Nigeria as of today.


4. Longrich:

Longrich is a network marketing company that deals mostly with quality beauty products like creams, perfumes, roll on, cosmetics and household consumables like toothpaste etc. Their products are made to very high quality standards and are usually in high demand from people who have used them before. They also have a nice compensation plan and do not force you or pressure you to keep buying products or selling to meet up with monthly points unlike many of the other similar platforms. To join Longrich please click the following link to chat on whatsapp with a reliable and highly recommended member (Longrich only, not the others in the list) =>


5. Oriflame:

Oriflame is similar to longrich in terms of products and compensation plans, however Oriflame requires a specific amount of products to be bought or sold monthly so there is a little pressure to network but if you have the time and contacts you can make a lot of money selling Oriflame products or referring people in.


Rise of Multi Level Marketing Companies in Nigeria

In the last 10 to 15 years, MLM and network marketing companies have grown in quantity and quality in Nigeria and interest in these companies has also risen sharply. This is despite the unfortunate incidences of ponzi and pyramid schemes which tend to crash after few months or even days leaving many people in loss and gnashing their teeth swearing never to get involved in any more of such or similar platforms. Yet with the coming of every new form of network marketing business opportunity or other ways of making money online or working from home, many of these same people join up in a bid to try their luck.

This rise in network marketing opportunities both real and fake can be attributed to two major factors amongst others. The first factor is the state of the economy: The Nigerian economy (and indeed many economies of the world) have become worse in recent years leading to high cost of living and high levels of unemployment. This has caused many people to seek other means of making money to supplement whatever income they may (or may not) already have.

The second factor is the rise of the internet and social media and the relative ease at which information can be disseminated these days. More than half of the Nigerian youth and adult population have access to the internet or social media in one way or another and they come across adverts of these network platforms and their members who tend to advertise a lot especially on social media. Promoting things have also become much easier than it was over a decade ago due to the rise of social media which has now lowered the barrier of entry for marketers and consumers alike.

Although some people have lost money on the fake platforms, many more have made money and continue to make money with the genuine network MLM companies like those in our list above. There are also some tips and strategies that network marketers can use to ensure that they make the most out of their promotions and are able to convert many leads and prospects into members of their downline. One of the key strategies is explained in the next section.


MLM vs Ponzi Schemes vs “New Retail e-Commerce”

If you had visited this page some time ago, you would have noticed that a company called CHY Mall topped the list. But today its no longer even in the list. So what happened to CHY Mall?

For those that have never heard of CHY Mall, it was a platform that paid you every 12 days without you having to do anything. At it’s height, CHYMall became very popular and they were always very punctual with their payments. That was when they made it to our list.

This went on and the platform kept growing in popularity until late December 2020 when they came out with new rules that drastically modified the rules and reduced the profit that could be made from the platform.

This sudden change also led most of their members to lose their money and also exposed the fact that the CHY Mall business model which they term “New-retail e-commerce concept” is nothing short of an ingenious way to masquerade the fact that it was really a ponzi scheme which was doomed to crash at some point.

With this revelation, we stopped recommending CHY Mall to people and also took them off our list because it was not a legit business but a Ponzi scheme disguising as an e-commerce platform and although they are still paying some people right now, it is doomed to crash soon, before most people joining have made their money back, or they might change things again just as they did in December 2020.

A ponzi scheme is a fraudulent program or platform where old members are paid with money paid by new members. Such a system quickly becomes unstable and can crash anytime disappearing with the funds of members who have not made back their investment.

Due to the apparent “success” of the CHY mall scam, other similar platforms started springing up claiming to also be based on the “New-retail” concept. Some of these platforms include Highlife International LLC, Jiuhejiu mall, Stakexchain and several more. Although many of them are still in operation at the moment, be warned and if you still go ahead and join, you are doing so at your own risk and you will only have yourself to blame at the end of the day.

We are hereby warning all our beloved members and readers that anything relating to “New retail” or “e-commerce” that claims to help you sell your products and pay you regularly every couple of days or weeks is most likely to be a Ponzi scam and even though they may be paying now, you may end up losing money in the long run so beware and stay away from such.

If you are interested in making money through marketing or investments then you are advised to only go for the true network marketing or investment companies like the ones listed in our list above.


Network Marketing Success Tip

MLM business in Nigeria has been going on for decades and it has seen the creation of many brand new millionaires over the years. While it has been a sweet experience for many people because they have become millionaires from doing network marketing (easiest mlm to make money), many others who could not make much (or even anything) out of it have lamented their fate.

Since we are on the topic of network marketing whether online or offline, I’ll like to share a powerful tip for making your networking work easier and for long term success as a network marketer.

The tip is: don’t convince people to register by telling them that you will do the referring for them after they join. it is better to teach them how to network, refer and register people by themselves.

Why? If you promise them that you will market for them then you are only adding to your own workload because instead of you to be worrying about how to register your own direct referrals, now you also have to worry about how to register on behalf of your referrals.

But if, instead of doing the work for them you take the time and effort to teach them to do it themselves then it will be like building pillars for your network business. This makes it possible for you to continue to earn even if you are not doing any direct work.

In fact if you can build up a network of referrals that can stand and network on their own then there will come a point where you can just be in your house for a whole month without doing anything yet you will be receiving commissions from the sweat of your downline network.

That is the true beauty of network marketing business and when you get to that point, you will understand what it means to be a successful network marketer.


Final Words…

And finally, what is the secret to succeeding in multi level marketing business in Nigeria? Pick the right company from among the existing top network marketing companies in Nigeria or from among the latest networking business in Nigeria and learn how to network and promote their products if need be.

Join CHY Mall today and see your life begin to change almost immediately even if you don’t want to do any marketing. See the full details here:

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