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Why Join MoneyMaker?

MoneyMaker.ng is a quick and easy way for Nigerians to make extra money working part-time from anywhere, home or office. It is also a great place to acquire new skills and to learn how to start various small scale and home based or part time businesses (Read testimonies here).

  • As an Agent you get paid ₦3,000 for every Agent you bring in. See how it all works
  • You Receive ₦2,000 every time your Agent registers a new person (this is your 2nd Level)
  • You Receive ₦500 when that new person brings in a new Agent (this is your 3rd Level)
  • From your 4th down to your 10th Level you get ₦100 everytime a new Agent is registered
  • You also earn commissions when you or your Agents sell our products
  • Anybody can do it. Young or old, educated or iliterate
  • You can start making money within a few weeks
  • All you need is an email address and a smartphone or computer (you can use a cybercafe)
  • You also need a Nigerian Naira bank account to cash out your payments

We are all about helping and showing you how to make money. Join or Upgrade today while we are still accepting new members. Since 2014, MoneyMaker.ng has been quietly helping Nigerians to make money (Read testimonies here).

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Success Stories

"My friends Laughed at me Because I Joined MoneyMaker, But When I Bought a Jeep..." - Martha Okeleke (Former Primary School Teacher, Enugu)

I used to be a teacher in a private primary school earning just N10,000 salary monthly which was never enough and I always ended up begging or borrowing from friends and colleagues and faced a lot of embarrassment from them. One day (more…)

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